September 06, 2020

Canon imageFORMULA P-215 support with OS X 10.15 or newer

Since MacOS 10.13 High Sierra (2017) the Canon P-215 (not to mistaken with the P-215II) has not worked with OS X. I tried the native MacOS Image Capture app with not luck, nor did CaptureOnTouch (for Mac) v (29-Jan-2020).

Normally this leads to obsolescent hardware as this scanner was purchased in Sept of 2012. 8 years of ownership and service is a very long time in the tech world. However as this scanner is still functioning fine, I did not want to throw it away (Throw-away society) or replace it as there was nothing wrong.

Fortunately, there is a solution. VueScan ( offers an application that supports older scanners on modern operating systems. It is a paid software ranging from ($50-$100) which is in the high range of software pricing. However, it is the only solution I can find so in this one solution market, it’s a buy.