August 24, 2020

Virtual Learning - Schoology - Top Tips for Young Students

Top 10 Tips for using Schoology

Tip 1 - Login

There are several methods to log into Schoology. However only one works for the student. The most common method is Single Sign On (SSO) with most schools using Google accounts as their authentication service. In this case, ensure your student is first logged into their school's gmail account before going to the Schooology URL assigned to their school (for example

Tip 2 - User Interface

As of August 2020, I found the UI to be confusing. Here is the official guide Schoology Guide. The tip here is the practice with your child before the class as it is not intuitive to navigate. Practice and repetition are imperative as I have seen students becoming frustrated when they are unable to follow along.

Tip 3 - Parent participation and availability

Parential participation is critical to the success of distance learning. Having a parent nearby or having access to a parent for the first few days/weeks will often lead to a yearlong fruitful experience. As a little issue, tecnical or non can quickly grow into a big meltdown for the student.

Image of student success

Tip 4 - Part of a larger Online Learning Eco System

Schoology is often the main virutal classroom containing the majority of the lessons and academic content, but there are multiple learning tools that teachers use. On the high level, Try to understand how Schoology fits into the teachers curriculum.